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Creating the Perfect Dog

Health & Structure

   The health of our dogs in so important!!   We feed our adult dogs top quality premium dog food made by a company called TLC.  We supplement their diet with fresh meat, raw bones, organ meat and healthy supplements, including NuVet.   We continue this high standard of holistic and natural food with our pups by feeding them food which is free of fillers, GMOs, and chemicals.  We have many holistic tips and hints that we share with our puppy families with the goal of a healthy start and lifestyle for your dog. We use the ENS (early neurological stimulation) protocol with our newborn puppies to support & enhance early development. We litter train our pups in addition to providing them with lots of outside playtime and housebreaking basics!!! Our pups are sold with a health guarantee for hip dysplasia, a structurally debilitating disease, progressive retinal atrophy, and also von Willebrand's disease, a blood clotting disorder .  We provide you with a written 1 year guarantee on your pup.


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   Our Goldendoodle  puppies  are raised with our family. They are born and nurtured in our home. We begin socializing our pups starting from day one. From the moment we whelp our pups, we work with them to be confident, smart, and trusting family members. They begin receiving visitors at 2 weeks of age.  From that point, they are held, kissed , played with, and taught by children, families, and friends. We invite people who have placed deposits to come & select their pup at about 4 weeks of age. Afterwords, we keep the pups until they are ready for you at about 7-8 weeks of age. This gives us time to keep working on socialization and housebreaking. 


   We raise our Goldendoodles as part of our family in preparation for your family.  Once you have selected your pup, you are welcome, and encouraged to visit.  This is great for socialization and often when our pups leave our home with their new families they already know each other….What a great stress reliever  for puppy, family, and us!!!!!!  We work hard on housebreaking as we provide lots of outside exercise and daily play.  We litter train our pups inside to help them learn the difference between their sleeping area, playing area & potty area.  In addition, we send our pups home with tips which include…crate training, housebreaking, grooming tips, recommended toys, and much more!

   We offer a lifetime of support!  We give you our email and phone numbers.  We encourage questions and are glad to provide you with support and training tips…..All we ask is for pictures as we enjoy seeing our babies adjust to their families and grow up to be gorgeous Virginia Beach Goldendoodles!!!!

Goldendoodle pup on a rampage

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures: they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.

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