All about Goldendoodles

   A Goldendoodle is a hybrid cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  They are a fantastic mix of two amazing and intelligent dog breeds.  They are the perfect dog for many reasons:

  • They are very intelligent.  The Standard Poodle is #2 on the dog smart scale & the Golden Retriever is  #4

  • They LOVE people as they were originally bred to be therapy dogs

  • They are very easy to train as they want to please you

  • They have a gorgeous coat ranging from curly to wavy.  They look like shaggy retrievers!  The coat is very low shedding and has no dander so you don’t get the “wet dog” smell and they do well with people with allergies.

Dogs teach us many things about being a better person.. that people don’t teach

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles

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