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Shenleigh O'Doodle,

Half Golden, Half Poodle

Shenleigh O'Doodle book


Shenleigh O'Doodle is proud of her unique heritage, even though other puppies doubt her abilities.

But when calamity arises at her daycare, she sets out to prove that the talents she has inherited from her Poodle mom and Golden Retriever dad may be all she needs to save the day.

This book helps teach kids to believe in themselves and that they are special because of their heritage with unique gifts to celebrate. 

Dog lovers will appreciate the beautiful illustrations by Harry Aveira that really bring the story alive!

Perfect for ages 4-8 from preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1,2, and 3. Grab your copy as a gift for your favorite little one!

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Shenleigh O'Doodle book

Embracing Our Greatness Within

What is a Goldendoodle?

Shenleigh O'Doodle book
Standard Poodle

Fun, energetic and VERY smart dogs. These loyal puppies have curly soft fur. Their eagerness to please others make them a great family pet.

Shenleigh O'Doodle book
Golden Retriever

Sweet, friendly and a great sense of smell. The loveable golden retriever has long, soft hair that likes to be brushed daily. They love long walks, cuddles and puppy treats!

Shenleigh O'Doodle book

Friendly, trainable and intelligent. Golden doodles can have wavy, curly or straight hair because of their mix. They are a hybrid dog breed resulting from the combination of the Poodle with the Golden Retriever. They love people and make great service and therapy dogs.

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Happy Readers

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles
Wonderful story highlighting friendship, kindness and the power of being 'different'. I have a goldendoodle too, and it just made the story sweeter. My 4 year old grandson loves this book!

~ Sue D

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles
Such a heartwarming story. The children love it!
The pictures are beautifully done. Makes them come to life.

~ Perry E

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles
This is a great book for kids. It has a wonderful story line. Teaches children about their feelings and their uniqueness. Has great artwork on every page. My grandson loves to look at all the pictures of the different dogs. This is a must buy book!!

~ Lisa B

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles
What a charming, delightful, story. Loved the book and hoping the author has more stories to tell.

~ Jean H

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles
This is a wonderful perspective on how important it is to accept those with differences because despite the differences, we can accomplish tasks and be helpful. We all need to be kind!!

~ Cindy S

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles
In this world we need more books like this to show what diversity means. Highly recommended for all children to read or parents to read to them and explain the true meaning about this book.

~ gijoehollis

Shenleigh O’Doodle is a goldendoodle puppy: she’s half golden retriever and half poodle. According to her mom, that makes her special. And she is. When she first goes to the Happy Paws Daycare, she worries what the other dogs, the purebred dogs, will think of her. Some of the other dogs are mixes, too, but those that are purebred are a little standoffish. That makes Shenleigh O’Doodle sad. But, one day, the other pups find a hole in the fence and escape on their own little adventure and who should save the day, but Shenleigh O’Doodle with her poodle smarts and her golden retriever nose. She learns that her differences really do make her special.


Annesley M. Hackathorn’s picture book story, Shenleigh O’Doodle, Half Golden, Half Poodle, is much more than a sweet story about a charming little goldendoodle puppy who saves the day. It’s a story that will inspire young readers to recognize their own unique qualities and how their differences make them special. The plot follows Shenleigh O’Doodle as she mixes with the other dogs at the daycare and tries to find a sense of belonging amongst those that appear so much better than she does (or so she believes). It’s a powerful message that the author shares, a message of feeling good about oneself, but there are other important messages in this story: kindness (Shenleigh O’Doodle is always kind to the other dogs, even though they might not show kindness to her), determination (Shenleigh
O’Doodle proves that where there’s a will there’s a way as long as you don’t give up), and teamwork (Shenleigh O’Doodle isn’t the only rescuing hero, as she has a partner in the guise of another mixed breed puppy ). Beautifully told and with wonderful illustrations, this heartwarming story will capture the attention of young and old alike, especially dog lovers.

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~ Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Meet the friends

Shenleigh O'Doodle book

Fred is a mixed breed of a Fox Terrier and Bassett Hound. He loves long walks and is great at digging with his strong paws!

Shenleigh O'Doodle book

Sassy is a beautiful show dog. She is a Springer Spaniel who loves collecting ribbons from the dogs shows she competes in.

Shenleigh O'Doodle book

Danny is a Doberman Pinscher. He is intelligent, trainable and courageous. He wants to be a guard dog.

Shenleigh O'Doodle book
Chi Chi

Chi Chi is a Chihuahua. She is a little dog with big ears and a bigger heart. She is friendly, talkative and alert.

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